Landlords Keep Your Distance

The Student Tenants’ Union, Delhi is a united student-led group formed to connect with student tenants across the NCT of Delhi. Our aim is to provide a safe space for students, living in rented accommodations like PGs, flats, or private student hostels, to voice their concerns regarding tenancy. We seek to unionize and collectively fight for our rights and make each other aware of the existing tenancy laws pertaining to students. In the face of rampant discrimination from landlords based on social location, religion, gender, caste, region, besides moral policing, unjust curfew timings, threats of eviction and other related problems, especially in the present situation of crisis, we must come together and strengthen our fight against such injustice!

The Government of India and the Government of Delhi have come up with circulars stating that no student can be evicted from their accomodation by their landlords during the lockdown period on any ground whatsoever. The circulars prohibit the landlords from asking the students to pay their rents for the duration of the lockdown. However, the language of the circulars is not very clear and has been creating much confusion. It has been noticed that some landlords are using the ambiguous language of the circulars to pressurize and manipulate students into paying the rents on an immediate basis. In this context, the Student’s Tenants’ Union Delhi demands the following:

1) The Government of NCT of Delhi and/or the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) must unconditionally cancel rents for students staying in rented apartments in Delhi for the period of lockdown. This implies that no payment of rents for preceding months coming under the lockdown period shall be sought from students post the lockdown.

2) The Government of the NCT of Delhi and/or the MHA must compensate the landlords for the loss in their income from rents for this period.

3) Legal and punitive action must be taken against all landlords accused of harassing the students living in their rented accommodations during the lockdown period.

4) The Government of NCT of Delhi and/or the MHA must take our demands into consideration and come up with fresh, unambiguous circulars to mitigate the problems of the students stuck in their rented accommodations amidst this lockdown.

The Student Tenants’ Union Delhi urges the student community to raise their voices against the harassment and ill-treatment meted out to them by the various landlords and to be united in their struggle. We also appeal to all the students stuck in their rented accommodations in the NCT of Delhi and facing problems like threats of eviction, discrimination or harassment to reach out to us on the following helpline numbers:


Mayank - 7838040199


Arijit - 9717597057

Jamia Nagar

Mubarak - 7034100790


Azra - 9667910444


Imran - 8285589575

Sudheer - 8882109514

Vijaynagar/DU North Campus

Kriti - 8981280517

Varkey - 8089746255

Student Tenants’ Union Delhi