Letter to CMO Delhi

A letter addressed to Shri Arvind Kejriwal the Chief Minister of Delhi, has been sent to the CMO from the Student Tenants’ Union Delhi, stating the following demands-

1) The Government of NCT of Delhi must explore the possibility of cancellation of rents for students staying in rented apartments/PGs/private hostels in Delhi for the period of lockdown. This implies that no payment of rents for preceding months coming under the lockdown period shall be sought from students post the lockdown.

2) The Government of NCT of Delhi should thereby appropriately compensate the landlords for the loss in their income from rents for this period.

3) Legal and punitive action must be taken against all landlords accused of harassing the students for non-payment of rents during the lockdown period.

4) The Government of NCT of Delhi should come out with a new order, taking our demands into consideration.



Student Tenants’ Union Delhi